The Zooparque


Founded more than 20 years ago, Zooparque Itatiba is considered the largest private zoo in Brazil.

The Zooparque is inside a fragment of the Atlantic Forest and here the animals live in wide natural environments that value their well-being and quality of life.

The main philosophy of Zooparque Itatiba is to carry out actions that raise, through environmental education, the awareness of visitors about the importance of environmental preservation.

The concepts of conservation and research are the founding pillars of this institution, and numerous partnerships and projects have been established and developed over the years in order to realize activities that encompass these issues.

Zooparque Itatiba develops daily activities aimed at the conservation of endangered species.

Zoo Brother

Zooparque Itatiba has a sister Zoo called Zoo Schmiding that is located in Austria; it belongs to the same owner and the same board of directors.

The important bond formed by these two Zoos allows the joint improvement of techniques to handle and maintain captive animals, in addition to the exchange of professionals and exports and imports associated with the concepts of species conservation of both zoos.

The collaboration of these two institutions has become a professional example of assistance and partnership in the exhibition, research, and conservation of animals in Zoos.

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Zooparque Itatiba has a sector specialized in the maintenance and raising of babies. It annually receives dozens of babies mostly from animals born in the Zooparque or from rescues carried out by environmental agencies in the region.

The animals are monitored daily at the Maternity. In this process data are collected, which will be used in several works aiming to promote the research and development of important new tools to ensure the reproductive success of the animals, in addition to contributing with certain endangered species.

Among the many species, we can highlight most birds, some mammals, and reptiles. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the interest to improve breeding techniques for the maintenance of endangered species at Zooparque Itatiba.